Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence in 2023…

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is on a positive collision course with Cryptocurrency, a new report suggests.

Interest in ChatGPT has had an effect on AI related tokens with values surging in tokens such as FET and AGIX.

All blockchain technologies that integrate AI in their projects are benefitting from this development in technology and the heightened interest in developments.

Microsoft is in a long-term partnership with Openai rumoured to be approximately 10 Billion USD in funding.

The AI tokens related to AI are not in the top 50, therefore even though they have surged, CleverRobot is of the opinion that this is a very raw early stage for AI technology, however impressive the actual technology is.

As always learn and get positioned for the future, but plan your own finances in a safe manner.

CleverRobot newsdesk 30th January 2023

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