Crypto owners figure hits 425 Million… (news global report)

During 2022 the global Crypto users figure hit 425 Million, according to a new report.

The “Crypto Market Sizing” report notes an increase of 39% year on year, meaning a huge percentage of the global population is now considering and using Crypto as payment transfer and a store of value.

The figures were boosted by two countries’ fully adopting Bitcoin as national tender, namely El Salvador and CAR (Central African Republic).

Furthermore institutions got involved in the Crypto rush, Goldman Sachs launching a Btc backed loan, and other institutions pivoting their stance on digital assets.

As always CleverRobot is of the opinion that investors, especially those new to the market, should exercise caution in all things digital assets, however learn the new world and plan traditional, which simply means diversify.

CleverRobot newsdesk 25th January 2023

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