Earn up to 10% per year with Fixed Interest Savings designed for Expats

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Fixed Saver is available with a competitive range of accounts with terms from 6 months to 5 years. They can be opened in 10 minutes, from wherever you are.


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About Us

CleverRobot is a forward thinking savings and investment product finder that saves you time by comparing the plethora of global options available in the market. A specialist in the international and expat market he analyses, compares then introduces you to the most suitable product or service for your need.

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Our Simple Process Explained

Choose deposit amount

Select your term and decide on interest frequency

Find best suited provider

(Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Compounding)

Streamlined process

Once open, receive interest and ongoing support from provider.

An initial investment of $50k will earn $3k each year totaling $15k profit over the duration.

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Why Choose Clever Robot?

Wide range of saving options to suit all needs.

Accessible from anywhere in the world.

Time saving searches Clever Robot focuses on the best available solutions.

Streamlined process – Ease of administration.

Custom features Matching your current saving needs.

Capital security

Is paramount to protect your savings while they grow.

As this is a Fixed Saver, there's no cooling-off period on this account.

Your total savings balance with us is limited to £100,000, but you can split this over as many fixed rate savings accounts as you like - as long as you deposit a minimum of £50 in each.

Return on on 50k over 5 years can be from 10k to 25k
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Benefits To Clients

Tax efficient investments

Capital security

Global Portability and Accessibility


Protection and privacy

High fixed interest rates

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How much can I earn?

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